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This dual-sided face brush tackles dullness: Large, bendy bristles lift away the day, while an exfoliating pad renders skin radiant.
  • There are 2 surfaces to this facial cleanser brush, one nubby and one scrubby, for a (double) deep clean
  • Soft, bendy bristles gently polish while lifting away dirt, oil, and makeup
  • An exfoliating pad loosens flakes, smoothes rough patches, and produces a noticeable glow
  • Latex-free, this silicone brush is suitable for sensitive types
  • Put a few drops of your favorite cleanser directly onto the brush and add water
  • Massage the large bristles over your face in circular motions to remove dirt, oil, and makeup
  • Switch to the exfoliating pad to dislodge flakes and smooth rough patches
  • Rinse the brush clean and allow to air-dry
  • Gentle enough for everyday use