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The ultimate wrinkle and blur concealer, this creamy formula uses micro-fillers, optical diffusers, and color-correcting pigments to brighten up your eyes.
  • Our scientists really got clever with this concealer: It makes dark circles and 'round-the-eye wrinkles practically disappear, thanks to micro-fillers, optical diffusers, and color correctors
  • We made this lightweight, creamy blur concealer moisturizing, so it keeps the skin around your eyes looking refreshed
  • It has a soft cushion applicator for easy blending
  • Available in 6 shades

  • Click the bottom of the pen until you see a dab of concealer on the cushion (don't click too many times or you'll get too much)
  • Dot onto undereye circles and around the outer edges of your eyes, and blend well with the cushion applicator to cover and fill